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You want to support our action and andvertise it? Then become a 'Werbe-Webby' and write us a mail with the re: "Webby" and your name to: .

We're very pleased about every new teammember und we wanna thank you in advance for your fantastic help!

In principle:

Everyone, who wants to support is, is welcome and can advertise in MySpace. ICQ, MSN, homepages etc. without having a Webby-job


Webbys, who want to advertise for our fanaction, have to pay attention to some things.

In guestbooks and for comments you always should enter your name and please don't type (Webby) in, because you're on a someone else's website where you're not a Webby.

Please don't only type in "Please visit Sternenmeer!" in your entry, but also one or two sentences to their page and to our fanaction.

You also should write a greeting in your text and wish some nice greetings in the end.

Give them some examples, like what you can see on our page, but please don't be arrogant and don't insult the owner of the website.

Apart from your name you should leave the e-mail-adress from Sternenmeer and the official name of the website. Pleace check again if the detaily are all correct!

Our suggestion for an advertising-text in guestbooks


Not much time until the next Tokio Hotel-concert in Germany and enough reasons for a new fanaction! Planed by the organizators of the Luftballonmeer-Action (, it should raise the mood of all the fans and of course its of Tokio Hotel!

Also this time the action has been arranged with the management and the promoters that there will be no problems at the admission or during the concert.

Wanna find out more about that? Then visit - also with english, french and dutch translations!

Cheers, x x x

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