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Not much time until the next Tokio Hotel-concert in Germany and enough reasons for a new fanaction! Planed by the organizators of the Luftballonmeer-Action (, it should raise the mood of all the fans and of course its of Tokio Hotel!

Also this time we'll arrange the action with the management and the promoters, that we'll have no problems at the admission or during the concert. Besides that Pro 7 (a well-known german tv-channel) has shown interest on our last action and consequently it could be, that they 'll accompany and film us with our "Ocean of Stars" -fanaction.

Our whole action

'1000 Meere' - Ocean of Stars
A huge ocean of stars, what a wonderful imagination, but this idea won't remain as a dream - it's going to be reality! At the song "1000 Meere" all fans will hold up stars so that we'll turn the hall into a huge, sparkling "Ocean of Stars".

'Wo sind eure Hände' - for the gag of the evening
For "Wo sind eure Hände" we've imagined us a special gag, because at this song all the fans should wave with upblowed rubber gloves (for example: latex gloves from dentists). So that the gag of the evening is guaranted.

'Vergessene Kinder' - Goose-Pimple-Feeling
Frequently it's so loud on concerts that you barely can't hear yourself. But just at such a sensitive song like 'Vergessene Kinder' you should pause for a moment and enjoy it. Exactly for that reason we decided to live up this action from our past 'Luftballonmeer'-Action to cause everyone a proper amount goose pimples.

Banner - for their "At Home"-feeling
- 4 banner, which look like place name signs and every of it contains a name of one of the boys (BILLstedt, TOMerdingen, HodenHAGEN, KLAUSdorf)

Gift for Georg (delivery before soundcheck)
-"Dort Mund" - T-Shirt
- cake

Wanna help?

For sure - a fanaction like this has to be planed professional!
We really put all of our free time into this action so that everything will go as we want it!

Of course, we need some help and we need YOUR HELP! It doesn't matter, if you' ll join the concert or not, if you have a seat-place or if you' ll stand, you can support us everytime! Interested?

That's what you can do:
- print and distribute the flyer
- obtaining of materials
- advertise for our action, this page (it doesn't matter how - with MSN. ICQ, MySpace, in forums, in chats etc.)

You have to...
- be reliable
- be trustworthy
- be able to work in a team
- be creative
- stand some pressure
- handle stress without any difficulties

Everyone, who wants to join us, should write us an e-mail with the title "I want to help" to:

Thank you so much for your interest!

Your Sternenmeer-Team

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